Monday, August 11, 2008


you know, i think the 100 calorie packs are so useless! they just make me want more..HAHA. i was eating a 100calorie bag of little bite brownies. and i was like, this is so unsatisfying! so i got another pack...the next thing i knew, i had already eaten four bags. thats FOURHUNDRED calories! hahahah whoever invented 100 calorie bags..sorry your strategy isnt workin for me hahaha. uhmmm....TRANSITIONNNNN!

DISCLAIMER: for the sake of being interesting, i exaggerate a lot and speak off stereotypes. you'll get over it(:

girls vs. guys: the ugly
1. girls are such gossips. doesnt matter how many times they say, "i wouldnt talk about anyone behind their back, honest!" the next thing you know, they're with their girlies sitting at a cafe, or having sleepovers, talking about how awkward so-and-so look together or how so-and-so's style is out of this world, or how so-and-so just doesnt stop talking! 2. girls are so unforgiving. doesnt matter how many times they say that they're the kind of person who doesnt hold grudges, that life is too short for that crap... they do anyway. and the worst part? they do it unconsciously. they dont mean to. it just happens. once you screw up with them, everything changes, and all of a sudden they hang out with other people, and you move down their top friends list. and its so hard to regain their trust, so hard to regain your place. 3. girls are too forgiving. a girl never forgets, but they're too willing to give people chances even when they dont deserve it. they dont care that you made them cry, they'll go on loving you anyway. because life's too short for all that crap...right? 4. girls are so self-contradictory! see number two and three. 5. girls are hella moody and it seems like they have their period more than once a month. one day they are having the time of their life, and the next they're really pissed about something. or they're crying their heart out. and then the next day, they dont remember that they cried the day before. it's always a surprise whether you see a smile or a frown.
1. guys dont care enough. either that or they just choose to act so tough. they dont like everyone knowing that they have a heart. they hate showing weakness and vulnerability. 2. guys would choose things over people. people think girls are so materialistic, but if you really think about it, guys care more about the money, the nice cars, the biggest tv, the latest game consoles. girls are just obsessed about clothes&jewelry. but guys wouldnt second think about keeping a girl or keeping his car. 3. guys are afraid of commitment. any sign of seriousness, off they go! they cant stay in one place for too long. 4. "guys get bored easily." self explanatory. 5. guys always think that they are right. whatever they say or feel seems to be the only point of view, because anything you say is just wrong or ridiculous. they're closed minded and their world is limited to what happens around themselves.

girls vs. guys: the good
1. girls make the best lovers (except for when you make them jealous. then theyre bitches). they're willing to give their all for someone they completely adore. a girl may be mad or upset sometimes, but you'll always know that she still loves you. oh, and she wouldnt chose anything material over you. 2. girls know how to act, and when to act. they know the appropriate times to be serious and the right time to mess around. theyve got their morals set out, and they always stick to them. 3. girls know how to look good without even trying. self explanatory. they're just so damn irresistible, if youre a guy OR a girl. HAHAHA! 4. having a girl best friend is like having your own personal advisor, personal hair stylist, personal fashion advisor, personal EVERYTHING. girls just know how to run lives. period.
1. guys make the best friends, if youre a girl. they're always willing to give their opinion (of course, cuz theyre always right) and when youre real close, he looks out for you. he lets you cry when some guy breaks your heart, and calls him a jackass, just to make you feel better. and if youre a guy, well, guys make the best friends because you can be gay with him and not actually be gay (lmfao i had to laugh hahhaa). 2. guys are always chill, and they know how to have fun. they make you not worry so much about stupid things, and can actually be really encouraging. guys are just so relaxed most of their life. 3. guys are always honest. sometimes they might go around the bush, but it's always the truth (thats why its so easy to believe them when they lie..and when they do, it hurts like a muddaheffer). 4. guys know how to make a girl feel good. they know all that corny shit works most of the time, so they take advantage of it. and if youre REALLY lucky, your guy always adds twists to all the corny to make it his own, or to be original.

the good and the bad. but hey, we're all only human(: we're just lucky men and women can live together in peace. sorta. HAHAHA.

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