Wednesday, July 30, 2008

wait in vain.

so this morning i went on a three mile run again. it was lovely. except for.... i was running down la palma when i hear someone on a bike behind me. naturally, i move to the right to let him pass. only...he didnt want to pass me. all of a sudden, the old cholo rides right next to me as im jogging, and starts to fcking sweet talk me IN SPANISH. i was like AGHH ADLKSFJ;AFJ;D. yo queria gritar a el, 'no entiendo espanol!' pero me quede en silencio, porque realmente, no queria hablar con un extranjero. but omg he followed me for like un minuto and it was really uncomfortable and awkward!! aghhh. eventually he stopped following me.. freaking. its dangerous on the streets..
well anyway so i got to the park and i laid on the grass for two hours. it was the longest freakin two hours of my life, but it was kinda relaxing. i guess. i think i have ants in my vagina. i hate ants. so fcking annoying ajskdfl; disturbances of peace! agh. well, there was a filipino party going on and i was just listening to the filipino music that i so love. hahaha. yah but anyway, the park isnt all that great when youre by yourself. i dont know why i laid there for two hours, i must have been waiting for something exciting to happen. like, iono maybe another earthquake. well after two hours was up, i was too tired to even try running home, and it was burning hot out. so i walked home instead. took me an hour. lesson of the day: strangers are rude, for staring and yelling at you from their cars; and just ignore any fcking old cholos that try to get you to be their novia. im in a bad mood :[ help me..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


at 11:42AM today, a 5.8 magnitute earthquake hit southern california. the epicenter was in diamond bar, and it lasted about half a minute. this is basically how it went down. i was home alone, on my bed reading, finishing up Word Power. then my house started to freakin shake like MAD and the headboard of my bed almost fell over. the first thing that came to my mind was... "SOMEONE IS TRYING TO BREAK INTO MY HOUSE!" i dont know why that was the first thing i thought of, but is was. lmfao. then i was like..wth am i saying. then i literally screamed EARTHQUAKE! as if i was warning someone else in the house. then i literally DOVE under my desk, from my bed. it was awesome! me and my ninja-like skills. hahahaajk. but i realized today, that i am deathly afraid of earthquakes. like, my heart was seriously pounding. and for some odd reason, as soon as i was under my desk, i started counting. i dont know why i started counting..haha. but yeah. i was pretty annoyed with the cellphone madness after the earthquake though. i couldnt get any calls through for like an hour. it was horrible and i was yelling at the tv when the news was trying to explain why the phone companies were going mad. hahahaha. ohhhh and the news also said that this 5.8 earthquake is a FORESHOCK to one that will be bigger, and coming in the next ten years. FOREshock?! i hope im not as much of a sissy when im 27 than now. ahhahaha [:

yah so newest thing i learned about myself. im very scared of earthquakes.

Monday, July 28, 2008

*courstesy of Postsecret

Saturday, July 26, 2008

i kissed a girl

i love this song. haha. erika david's rendition is waaay better though [:
sorry katy perry. but i think she needs to go back to singing about God.

Friday, July 25, 2008

stay strong.

Stay Strong - Shane ft Will&Christina
last night i was feeling like crap. and so three hours ago, i listened to this song on repeat for like, an hour. lol. the times when i feel bad for no particular reason, i just listen to this song and it makes me feel better. yah. just thought id say, since ive been doing a lot of flashbacking lately anyway.

ps. speaking of flashbacking, how old is THIS?! maaanohman [:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

on a blogroll.

just thought itd be fun to go back to some of my favorites. and i asterisk-ed my favorites of my favorites. haha. so if youre gonna read any, read those.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

love like this.

that's why you keep on runnin in and out of my mind. as the years they'll roll by, baby, now i know why i keep comin back to you. you're the only one that knows me, love it when you hold me, never find a love like this. now i'll never be lonely, look at what you've shown me, never find a love like this. well this life tried to keep us apart, you keep callin me back to your heart. im so glad you found me, wrap you all around me, never find a love like this. all the guys tried to take me, you're the one who saved me, i feel like i owe you my life. and as strange as it may seem, i'll go if you take me home, im willin to sacrifice.

better than the original (;

what the..

as we stepped onto the cruise ship, he took my hand and said, "look..i just need a break, okay?" i gave my fiance this look of confusion, but he just looked away and my hand slowly dropped back to my side. he gave me a key, and put another one back in his pockets. i watched him walk away in silence, as lonely as my own luggage, which sat right by my feet. "excuse me, miss. you dont want to be hit, do you?" a man in a uniform asked me. 'actually, yes i do sir, please hit me' i thought to myself as i soon found my cheek to be moist. i stepped forward and watched the man in the white and blue uniform reel in the stairs, as the ship finally began to move away from the dock. i looked forward again, and searched for my loving fiance, but he was nowhere to be found. i grabbed my luggage and hauled it through the hallways in search of my room. after i had settled in and unpacked my wrinkly clothes in the lonely drawer, i went out by the pool, sunglasses hiding my teary eyes. 'and im supposed to enjoy myself here..? by myself..?' i heard a loud commotion by the pool bar. a tan waitress in a skimpy two piece and an apron was doing wine bottle tricks, with men surrounding her. to her left i spied a man who was playing with her red, wavy hair. a familiar face, with a familiar laugh... my fiance. i got up and left the pool and noticed that i was wet.. though i had not gone swimming. then i heard a voice..a lady's voice crying out for help. i looked to the window on my right and there she was: Lady L, the ship ghost. Her face was pale, her hair was a frizzy mess, and she had a baby in her arms, who only cried harder than she did. running off in the other direction, i ran back through the hallways. but her voice kept following me. i could hear it in the walls, and she kept appearing: every doorway, every window. i ran around the ship, bumping into doors and running into walls, trying to escape the hideous wails of Lady L and her poor baby. i cried harder and it became harder for me to breathe. but i couldnt lose her. everywhere i turned, there she was. with nowhere else to run, i ran to the top deck. still, the ocean wind seemed to carry her voice into my mind. i ran to the edge and point of the ship and closed my eyes, putting my hands to my ears. i stepped closer to the edge... when suddenly somebody's arms wrapped around my waist and whispered in my ear, "it's okay, i'm here for you.." when i opened my eyes i found myself at home in my bed, pillow moist from my tears, legs tired as if i had been running all night... and my own arms wrapped around my own waist.

i cant figure out what all of this means.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

officially missing . .

- kidsWB and saturday morning cartoons. they SUCK nowadays, i tried watching this morning..
- fresh prince. watching episodes on youtube all day yesterday, made me love will smith all over again.
- watching ZOOM every freaking day of my life. and speaking UBBI DUBBI.
- the times when the only thing i had to worry about was which shoe went on which foot.
- playing Power Rangers during recess in second grade.
- peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
- getting happy meals every weekend, only because of the awesome toys.
- NSYNC, OTown, Edens Crush, Scene 23, and Kelly Clarkson
- my elementary besties and the boys from the block.
- owning at nationball & surprising the guys (:
- traditional christmas parties..
- going to the park to play catch and shoot hoops
- having picnics and flying kites
- being bomb at DDR & having unbroken DDR pads.
- children's church choir
- writing & sending letters in the mail
- playing "the cup game"
- the "quadizzle" HAHAHA. i actually had fun with that (:
- Yoshinoya.
- "the book/the list" ;]
- having deep talks at the library, making concept maps and giving code names.
- walking to boba. going to nickel nickel. laying on the grass.
- sixth period pe with ms wetland
- selling ice cream at school every day..hahaha.
- the way you used to be around me
- bsquad/tcrew and fantafour
- running every day..
- mrs levoit.
- the philippines.
- speaking spanishhh. im beginning to lose it already..
- having a best friend i can go shopping with
- girl talks
- taking crazy pictures.
- feeling like i belong somewhere
- advanced girls. only sometimes. but seriously all that estrogen is too much to handle..
- some of the class of 08. awwwmannn..
- dancing with OADK..which will probably be nonexistant next year :[
- seventh period spencer.
- writing poetry.
- sand, breeze, ocean...THE BEACH :[
- reading your mind. and you reading mine.
- YOU! being with you yesterday made me sooo happy :D

the list goes on and on and on and on...and on.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

cause it wont be me to walk away.

sometimes its hard to make things clear or know when to face the truth. and i know when the moment is here, ill open my heart and show you inside, my love has no pride. i feel that with you, ive got nothing to hide. so open your eyes and see who i am, and not who you want for me to be. i am only myself. i dont wanna lose you now, we're gonna get through somehow. i dont wanna lose you now or ever. cause baby ive finally found, the courage to stand my ground. but if you want me, ill be around..forever. we all make mistakes, we all lose our way, but we stood the test of time.. and i hope thats the way it will stay. its all up to you, to tell me to go. cause it wont be me to walk away, when youre all that i know. and i know that, i dont wanna lose you now. were gonna get through somehow. i dont wanna lose you now or ever. cause baby Ive finally found, the courage to stand my ground. but if you want me, ill be around forever.-- gloria estefan


couldnt go to sleep last night, and i ended up going through my old yb inserts haha. man oh man. in junior high, people's penmanship were sooo different! haha kimly! in 7th grade your handwriting in my yb did not look ANYTHING like how your handwriting is now. from 8th and on it was the same though. haha. people also talked very different in jr. high. hahaha includingg meee. anyway, these are some that made me laugh last night (:

seventh grade:
1. "love is the strongest chain that binds a man and a woman" -LOL- see ya next year - (( Will Nguyen ))(hahahha woo this still cracks me up)
2. although a possible computer glitch might have caused us to have all seven classes together, it's been a memorable time at oxford and i hope mahesh doesnt bug you too much. have a nice 8th grad eyear at oxford. (( David Le ))
3. hey wussup?! i swear i know so many guys dat like u...dats not a ttyl bad thing but its all dese stupid guys...anyhoo tnx 4 bein so cool & sweet! dont change! (( Shapna Islam ))(hahahahhaa ohhhhhhhhman hilarious shapna!)
4. An Vo is Great! (( Tony )) dammmn right tony!! haha
5. Stalker!!! And i'm gonna sign this yearbook. - Will of the West (( William Trinidad )) hahahhahaa will of the west. good one will!
6. hey rona you know i will beat you on tests again next year. dont take it personally. hahaha. have a great summer. (( Andrew Park )) it still amazes me now to think that, i used to compete with andrew park in english! hahaha. man i fell waaaay behind...hahaha

eighth grade:
1. MAD SKILLS! (( Kathleen Chung )) <333
2. Gosh Rona, youre too smart in spanish. Have a great summer. I'll see you next year and i will surpass you in English. haha Laters. (( Andrew Park )) hahahaha spanish was the only thing i could beat him at, i remember lmao
3. Hey rona you are pretty funny (looking!) have a great summer! (( Albert Lowe ))
4. You should have been born smarter. Keep drinking milk, old lady. (( Long Nguyen ))
5. Hey dont be overwhelmed by numerous fans over the summer. have a good one. (( Seth Villegas ))

freshman year was when people actually started writing nice and long meaningful entries. hahaha. as i was reading through them last night, i realized there are so many people/things i miss from previous years "/

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

can you feel it?

you have absolutely no idea how much this video makes my day. after watching and listening it makes you feel so energized, yet so at peace at the same time. it just lifts you up and fills you with positivity. they are truly amazing. seriously, just take five minutes and thirteen seconds of your day to watch it, and i promise you'll feel so titillated (;
who's up for doing something like this in some random place?!?! :D

Saturday, July 12, 2008


once you've stopped being who you are for awhile, you eventually forget to.
and once you've stopped being who you are for awhile, it's almost impossible to go back when you try to...

i guess it was worth the try, though.
we change and we grow, only because we learn.

i ate too many brownies today. haha.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

word power.

so for the past few days, ive been building my "word power." hahahaha. maaaann. a picture is hung, and a person is hanged. WTF?! the english language sometimes makes me want to seriously hurt someone. hahahaha. and my ap score for english language & composition did not help. hahaha its okaay though. i did okay i guess. anywaaay. so lately i have been having trouble falling asleep. and its not even because i have things on my mind, i just cant get comfortable for some reason. hahaha well. i think ive done more reading this whole week then the entire second semester. HAHA. okay so i totally over exaggerated that, but thats how it feels like! hahaha. you know, my tendency to vacillate drives me INSANE! like im sitting trying to decide whether i want to eat coffee flavored ice cream, or make a banana split with vanilla ice cream. by the time i decide, ive lost all desire to placate my hostility towards the summer heat, and it all ends up pretty useless! but thats okay, because the nostalgic tone of those quite a distance away makes me happy ;] (man oh man. im having too much fun with this right now, bear with me. haha!) although sometimes i tend to uncontrollably become taciturn, uncontrollablly (shh i fixed my split infinitive! buaha). yeah okay. sorryyyyy. so ANYWAY. 1984 is pretttyyyy awesome. like i love it. dont ask me why im keeping track of the alliterations. hahahaha.
--- senile silliness
--- locked loneliness
--- automatic action
--- primitive patriotism
--- monstrous machines
--- sickly scent
aaaaaaaaaaaand to beeeee continued!!!

dont ask me why im so hyper right now. i really have no idea. OH! im excited for mr o's luau! its gonna bombbdiggety! yeah okay. im gone for now. bahh byeee (:

Friday, July 4, 2008

independence day.

happy fourth of july! "this should be the day you declare your independence" hahahahaha. maybe i shoulda thrown all the tea bags away this morning during breakfast. haha. well june is officially over :[ that means i have to actually start reading and doing all the work im supposed to be doing this summer..haha. starting monday! i swear! :D hmm this week was pretty fun. more eventful than my summers usually are. i dont remember monday. tuesday was a bad, feelinglikecrap day. wednesday, went to the aquarium!! and it was a really good day. i dont remember the last time i sincerely had that much fun (: thursday, yesterday, had its ups and downs. but it was fun still. i ran three miles to jchangs house to go swimmingg. the first mile is always the hardest. omgulay. i was dying the first mile. hahaha. havent run in forever.. anyway. so swimming at jchangs was a lot of funnn. ive been wanting to go swimming FOREVER. okay funny story. so i was leaving and saying goodbye to his mom, and him mom is like "oh ill take you home! dont walk!" and im like...ohcrap. i wasnt supposed to be there in the first place and i was so afraid my dad was at home. she cant drop me off at home! so when she went back inside to get her keys and stuff, i freaking SPRINTED off like mad. HAHAHAHA. it was hilarious. you have no idea how fast i freakin ran. i ran as fast as i could to the next light. and then i hid behind some trees. hopefully she would pass me, and not find me and just go back home. so after i waited there for awhile, i went out and started to walk. i only walked like two minutes when she pulls over on the way back to her house and she says, "there you are! get in! im not gonna let you walk home!" and im standing there like DAMMMN she caught me. HAHAHHAA. yeah well that was fun. hahah. good thing, my dad wasnt home yet, so it all turned out fine (: im just a paranoid freak. and so here i am today, with sunburned shoulders (from the run, not from the swimming) and a sore body. but it was all so totally worth it, i think (:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


so i just watched this again, and i fell in love with it again. HAHA. i want to dance in the rain. omg. anyway, the best part is 3:58 and on<3 FREAKIN AMAZING. yeah.