Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i dont know why i havent posted in a month.

the number nine is starting to grow on me... NO! i refuse. nine is an upside down six. six is my favorite number! not nine.. upside down? maybe my life is slowly turning upside down. okay, maybe not that dramatic. i guess change. it's impossible to count the number of times ive ever talked about 'change' in any of my blogs. it's like this thing that i cant really get over. like i cant accept the fact that it has to exist in this world. hahaha. odd really. like an odd number. an odd number like nine.. but i like six. six is even, not odd. studies (that i havent looked up, teehee) show that the number nine is more often a favorite number than six. baaah! i refuse to give in to the world :O haha. i speak as if the world is forcing me to like the number nine.. sometimes... when youre confused about situations, your mind begins to create ideas...

im not sure i have any clue what im talking about anymore. i have a point hidden somewhere in this. but my brain is too overwhelmed by heart of darkness to think it through. oh well. i guess the number nine isnt too bad. i mean come on, it is an important date to you, rona.

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