Friday, April 24, 2009


in just a matter of seconds, my dream was shattered. i always knew it was too good to be true. i thank uci for graciously accepting me. and it was fun to really think i was actually going there for awhile. but now is now. and im through. im through will all the fights and the tears. i cant go to uci, and thats that. it's alright. i had my next four years pretty planned out at csulb before i was even accepted to uci. at least, i was accepted. that is good enough for me. to know that i had the chance to go. i am grateful. but this is the reality. somewhere, deep down inside, i always knew i would end up at long beach. hahah. it was never a real problem for me anyway.

weird to think some people are probably laughing at me. "look at this girl, making such a big deal about choosing between uci and long beach, when i have to choose between [insert super amazing university here] and [insert another one here]." but that's okay. i promise myself, whatever happens, my life is going to be amazing.

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Anonymous said...

"i promise myself, whatever happens, my life is going to be amazing."

that's the best attitude you can have about your life. rather than think about how it sucks or what you could've, should've, or would've done, you're happy with the way it is. fantastic mindset :D