Monday, August 10, 2009


things i hate. because im in an angry mood at the moment.
- when people flake out on you without telling you
- then, after flaking out on you, they act as if nothing ever happened
- waiting and waiting and waiting for someone that never ends up showing up
- when people try to avoid telling you something, and try to avoid lying to you at the same time, so they give some bogus, stupid answer about what theyre doing, or where they are.
- damn customers who leave the clothes they tried on, on the fcking floor of the dressing room. at least have the courtesy to put it back on the damn hangers.
- damn customers who steal. i hope you burn in hell.
- when people continue to do something they know pisses you off or makes you extremely uncomfortable.. behind your back.. and you find out about it cuz theyre so effing careless and inconsiderate.
- cats making babies in the middle of the damn night in my friggin backyard. just SHUT UP.
- being stuck at home. fml.
- when you care about someone more than they care about you. makes life just so freakin lonely.
- goddamn teenieboppers who think they're so damn cute, but really theyre just annoying as hell. stfu and back the hell off.
- wanting a summer to remember.. and not getting it.
i bet you my life, i'm not getting much sleep tonight.

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