Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"if there was a way.."

(12:58:26 AM): if your gf is having a shitty day, fix it

(1:03:41 AM): i honestly don't see how anyone can treat you like crap
(1:04:15 AM): like i can be an asshole, **** can be a bitch
(1:04:23 AM): but i've never seen or heard anything bad about you really

(1:29:15 AM): its extremely demoralizing
(1:29:38 AM): knowing that your all isn't good enough.

ME (1:35:54 AM): he questions why i miss him even after we've hung out
(1:36:08 AM): because you love him, duh.
ME (1:36:23 AM): apparently thats not reason enough.. why cant he just be sweet and be like, "aww i miss you too."
(1:36:26 AM): honestly, if i was him, i'd be the happiest fucking guy in the world.
(1:37:31 AM): honest.
(1:38:59 AM): he's just not appreciating you rona
(1:39:16 AM): he's taking what he has for granted
ME (1:39:24 AM): must i have a reason to miss him?
(1:39:38 AM): no. you don't have to.
ME (1:39:41 AM): i dont get it.
(1:40:06 AM): i dont' either

(1:58:46 AM): yeah..sometimes i got unsure of who was going out with who

(2:11:26 AM): if there was a way to make someone care
(2:11:36 AM): i'd pay all my money for it
ME(2:11:46 AM): amen.

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