Saturday, September 12, 2009

PAC 1st Gen & Smorgasport!

Yesterday I had one class in the morning. Then Kassandra and I hung around campus just killing time because at one o'clock was the first general meeting of PAC! First gen was awesome! Their skits were pretty hilarious and all the coordinators [coords] were REAALLY nice! like, REALLY nice! And I got super lucky yesterday cuz the group I met and hung out with was so chill, we ended up hanging out with the coords of PAC and stuff, like all day! hahahah! I love the people from PAC. They're so welcoming! And like, we were just a group of freshman, but they accepted us as if we've all known each other for awhile already. You know what I mean? Like, my friends and I were just newbies, but we already feel like part of the PAC family :D I'm really excited to start doing stuff with PAC. And IF I make Modern, I don't even know if I'll have time for PAC Culture, but i really want to do it! PAC Culture is the division of PAC that does the traditional filipino folk dancing and stuff haha. It was refreshing to walk around campus and take in the diversity of CSULB that Oxford seriously lacked, but being around a whole mess of Filipinos all day yesterday was just HOME! HAHAHA! Anyway, I hung out with this group of other freshman filipinos I met at the pool party after First Gen, until Smorgasport. Smorgasport was an on campus event night that was kind of like a fair where they gave out free stuff and whatnot. It went from 8-12am last night. It was hella fun! The group I hung out with met up with some of the PAC people from earlier in the day, and we chilled with them for a large portion of the night. They are just so much fun to be with, and they're really nice people. Like, Kassandra and I had to walk back to our cars to go home, and these two sophomores from PAC walked us to our cars cuz it was like almost midnight and they didn't want anything to happen to us. My night at Smorgasport ended when Chadell, Ellen, Kassandra, Avik, Jimmy, and I went bowling in the Student Union which was pretty fun cuz us girls didn't want to get bowling shoes (we didn't have socks).. so we were like trying to bowl without the employees catching us. But yeah, I was on campus yesterday from 8:30 in the morning until midnightish.. and it was freakin awesome!!! I ♥ ed meeting all those new people yesterday and hanging out with our group of freshies. The reason I'm really going out there to make friends is because i feel like i'm missing such a huge part of college since i'm not dorming =/ Like, it's harder for commuters to make friends {unless you really go out there} because you can't really make friends in your classes. Some of my classes are really big and others you just can't really talk much. So, I'm glad for yesterday [: One problem, PAC general meetings are thursdays at 4pm, but i work tue&thu nights at 5.. alskjf;alskdjf;alskd; i have yet to figure this out. argh! Well anyway, I think I'm gonna go work on my psyc paper. Expect more updates soon [:

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