Thursday, November 5, 2009


This morning, I woke up really early. I didn't have to run across campus just to make it on time to my 8 o'clock class. I usually have to on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because attendance matters for my Theater class. I actually got there with 20 minutes to spare! What an accomplishment! So for about ten of those fifteen minutes, I sat by our water geyser thingamabobs hahaha. It was really relaxing, just hearing the sound of the water. It's nice to be able to sit for awhile sometimes, and just be. I feel like I'm usually always walking around doing something, or going somewhere. Sometimes it's nice to just sit and be. Not even think; just BE. Anyway, today's theater class was fun! We have this group project where you pick a song that tells a story, and your group has to act it out like a play. Our group did a funny number: Jizz In My Pants. [Somehow, I seem to always end up being involved with that song..hahaha I had flashbacks of Mr. Patriot with Vishal!] There were two other groups in my class that were my favorite numbers. The first group did Runaway Love by Mary J. Blige. And God knows how much I looooove that song! I had a phase of being obsessed with it for awhile before. But they did so good! It was deep and I even wanted to cry during some parts [if you don't know what I mean, watch the music video!]. Good stuff. The third group did Hotel California, and it was absolutely AMAZING. They acted out metaphors and it was so deep. It brought out the underlying meaning of the song. Like, when you first hear that song, you think of: California, beaches, girls, drinking, etc. But when you actually listen to the words or watch it being performed, you see the whole other side of it. It's actually a really dark song. It was cool. I wish we did more projects like this in Intro to Acting. We actually got to act today! Hahah. The class is more like a way of getting people to be more open and more comfortable with themselves. The only acting we've done is this project, and our personal monologues. Yeah, so that was my day in school. Now I'm not doing anything, so I figured it would be a good time to blog. Hahah. I want to buy hashbrowns, so off I go! Have a nice day [:

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