Friday, January 8, 2010

definiton of diet.

diet: [n] a particular selection of food, esp. as designed or prescribed to improve a person's physical condition.
I dare say that my physical condition needs improvement in the fact that I need more meat on my bones. Don't you agree?! Therefore, my 'VIBE DIET' shall consist of a "selection of food..designed" for me to gain some weight! So while all of Modern is busy STAYING HUNGRY, I shall be stuffing myself with food [not too unhealthy of course!] buahaha. That's right Modern, be jealous [:

VIBE 15 - 1.31.10 Pictures, Images and Photos

VIBE XV is in 23 DAYS! VIBE week 1 is officially over, and let me tell you.. I AM HELLA EXCITED!! I finally have all the choreo down; I just need to clean. We still have to learn the intro and ending, still have to block and do transitions, but other than that, we're pretty good! I honestly cannot wait 'til my first major competition. Sure, I've done some competitions with Kreative but THIS?! This is huge for me! Come watch if you'd like! But I suggest you buy your tickets like.. NOW. Cuz they go out hella fast! I can't wait :D

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