Monday, January 18, 2010


Pictured: PAC Modern Newbies. FALL O9 ♥
Finally getting a chance to sit down and blog. It’s been a crazy, busy weekend. Saturday was our photoshoot, and although it was extremely cold in the morning on top of Signal Hill, it was fun! Rodel posted some of his candid photos and they already look amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest of them. After the photoshoot was the Alumni Mixer. I must say, that was one of the most mind-opening experiences I’ve ever had in my life. You’d think one would get bored listening to someone talk for hours, but for me, I could have listened to the Alumni all night. Their stories.. their advice.. their history and backgrounds.. their experiences.. their struggles.. their triumphs.. all of these make PAC Modern what it is today. And what exactly is it? a FAMILY. One of MY favorite quotes of the night was [paraphrased:], “It’s not about being the best and winning the most competitions, it’s about being a family and creating such strong bonds and helping each other become better dancers.” That struck me the most. Because a lot of collegiate dance teams are so competitive that they’re even “competitive amongst each other.” It shouldn’t be like that. Another one of my favorite things said last night was the relation of Where the Wild Things Are to PAC Modern. “We’re all gonna die. [lots of laughter] But it’s not about living forever; it’s about creating something that will.” After fifteen strong years, PAC Modern still lives, and PAC Modern will live forever as the team who knows best about what being a ‘team’ really means. After that night, my perspective, too, has changed. All of a sudden it’s not just about doing what I love, but about giving my all and giving back to a long history of perseverance and inspiration. It’s about leaving something behind to future generations that’s more than just titles and trophies and stories. It’s about experiencing such vibes that no other dance team does. The further along this year goes, the more I’m beginning to feel like I made the right decision in auditioning for PAC Modern. Coming from, and having experienced, other dance environments, I still love the ambiance that comes along with PAC Modern. May VIBE hell week come! I’m motivated, inspired, and ready for this week! VIBE IN 13 DAYS!

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