Friday, January 22, 2010

VIBE in 9 days!

Last night was the last day of our hell week. We have next week's rehearsals, and then VIBE on Sunday! :O! I'm so excited. Our set is finally coming together, and I'm beginning to see how it's gonna look. I can't imagine how I'm gonna feel on stage, right before we perform. I know I just might pee in my pants out of nervousness and excitement! You know what I really like about this set? We focus a lot on the elements; popping, locking, breaking, and even wacking. PAC Modern stands out as a team because we're one of the few teams left who hasn't jumped on the choreo bandwagon. All competitive dance teams are starting to look the same, as they all focus on trying to beat each others' choreo. Everyone is beginning to forget where dancing came from: the elements. It's funny because when I think about it, choreo has been my forte, and it was what I wanted to focus on since I started dancing. I wasn't very interested in training for the elements because like everyone else, I liked choreo. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that choreo can be really SICK, especially when it's hella clean [like choreo cookies]. But too many teams are starting to look like each other now. PAC Modern has opened my eyes to see that the elements need to come back. Hip hop dancing needs to go back to its roots. Not to say anything bad about TM or Kaba, but even they have resorted to major choreo exploitation. TM and Kaba only stand out from the rest because of their cleanliness and because TM's style [Toybox..haha] is without a doubt unique; and Kaba stands out because of how clean and on the spot their isolations are. Even so, they're beginning to drift from their roots. PAC Modern, TM, and Kaba Modern were "The Big Three" back then because of how they brilliantly showed the world the wonders of the elements of hip hop dancing. It's a sad to see that our team is one of the very few [if not the only] that has revived its past. For us, it's not about winning the competitions. That'd be a plus. For us, it's about knowing where we came from and never forgetting our roots. It's about being a team that stands apart from the rest because of that and not because of how many titles we've held in the past couple years. Even though sometimes I think I'd do better on another team because choreo is my forte, I realize that I'm doing the right thing. I'm training myself in the elements and it's helping me be a better dancer by working on what I'm weak at. So popping and breaking, watch out! hahaha jk. But in all seriousness, I can't wait 'til VIBE. You're gonna keep hearing me say that by the way [:

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