Tuesday, July 29, 2008


at 11:42AM today, a 5.8 magnitute earthquake hit southern california. the epicenter was in diamond bar, and it lasted about half a minute. this is basically how it went down. i was home alone, on my bed reading, finishing up Word Power. then my house started to freakin shake like MAD and the headboard of my bed almost fell over. the first thing that came to my mind was... "SOMEONE IS TRYING TO BREAK INTO MY HOUSE!" i dont know why that was the first thing i thought of, but is was. lmfao. then i was like..wth am i saying. then i literally screamed EARTHQUAKE! as if i was warning someone else in the house. then i literally DOVE under my desk, from my bed. it was awesome! me and my ninja-like skills. hahahaajk. but i realized today, that i am deathly afraid of earthquakes. like, my heart was seriously pounding. and for some odd reason, as soon as i was under my desk, i started counting. i dont know why i started counting..haha. but yeah. i was pretty annoyed with the cellphone madness after the earthquake though. i couldnt get any calls through for like an hour. it was horrible and i was yelling at the tv when the news was trying to explain why the phone companies were going mad. hahahaha. ohhhh and the news also said that this 5.8 earthquake is a FORESHOCK to one that will be bigger, and coming in the next ten years. FOREshock?! i hope im not as much of a sissy when im 27 than now. ahhahaha [:

yah so newest thing i learned about myself. im very scared of earthquakes.

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