Wednesday, July 30, 2008

wait in vain.

so this morning i went on a three mile run again. it was lovely. except for.... i was running down la palma when i hear someone on a bike behind me. naturally, i move to the right to let him pass. only...he didnt want to pass me. all of a sudden, the old cholo rides right next to me as im jogging, and starts to fcking sweet talk me IN SPANISH. i was like AGHH ADLKSFJ;AFJ;D. yo queria gritar a el, 'no entiendo espanol!' pero me quede en silencio, porque realmente, no queria hablar con un extranjero. but omg he followed me for like un minuto and it was really uncomfortable and awkward!! aghhh. eventually he stopped following me.. freaking. its dangerous on the streets..
well anyway so i got to the park and i laid on the grass for two hours. it was the longest freakin two hours of my life, but it was kinda relaxing. i guess. i think i have ants in my vagina. i hate ants. so fcking annoying ajskdfl; disturbances of peace! agh. well, there was a filipino party going on and i was just listening to the filipino music that i so love. hahaha. yah but anyway, the park isnt all that great when youre by yourself. i dont know why i laid there for two hours, i must have been waiting for something exciting to happen. like, iono maybe another earthquake. well after two hours was up, i was too tired to even try running home, and it was burning hot out. so i walked home instead. took me an hour. lesson of the day: strangers are rude, for staring and yelling at you from their cars; and just ignore any fcking old cholos that try to get you to be their novia. im in a bad mood :[ help me..


kimlypv said...

amen, sister.

people hackling at me and honking when i run... no bueno.

happens to me almost every time i run, but i'm slowly learning to just zone them all out.

Jessica said...

i know dude. friggin sleazeballs men can be. then you wish your boyfriend was with you.