Wednesday, July 16, 2008


couldnt go to sleep last night, and i ended up going through my old yb inserts haha. man oh man. in junior high, people's penmanship were sooo different! haha kimly! in 7th grade your handwriting in my yb did not look ANYTHING like how your handwriting is now. from 8th and on it was the same though. haha. people also talked very different in jr. high. hahaha includingg meee. anyway, these are some that made me laugh last night (:

seventh grade:
1. "love is the strongest chain that binds a man and a woman" -LOL- see ya next year - (( Will Nguyen ))(hahahha woo this still cracks me up)
2. although a possible computer glitch might have caused us to have all seven classes together, it's been a memorable time at oxford and i hope mahesh doesnt bug you too much. have a nice 8th grad eyear at oxford. (( David Le ))
3. hey wussup?! i swear i know so many guys dat like u...dats not a ttyl bad thing but its all dese stupid guys...anyhoo tnx 4 bein so cool & sweet! dont change! (( Shapna Islam ))(hahahahhaa ohhhhhhhhman hilarious shapna!)
4. An Vo is Great! (( Tony )) dammmn right tony!! haha
5. Stalker!!! And i'm gonna sign this yearbook. - Will of the West (( William Trinidad )) hahahhahaa will of the west. good one will!
6. hey rona you know i will beat you on tests again next year. dont take it personally. hahaha. have a great summer. (( Andrew Park )) it still amazes me now to think that, i used to compete with andrew park in english! hahaha. man i fell waaaay behind...hahaha

eighth grade:
1. MAD SKILLS! (( Kathleen Chung )) <333
2. Gosh Rona, youre too smart in spanish. Have a great summer. I'll see you next year and i will surpass you in English. haha Laters. (( Andrew Park )) hahahaha spanish was the only thing i could beat him at, i remember lmao
3. Hey rona you are pretty funny (looking!) have a great summer! (( Albert Lowe ))
4. You should have been born smarter. Keep drinking milk, old lady. (( Long Nguyen ))
5. Hey dont be overwhelmed by numerous fans over the summer. have a good one. (( Seth Villegas ))

freshman year was when people actually started writing nice and long meaningful entries. hahaha. as i was reading through them last night, i realized there are so many people/things i miss from previous years "/


athena. said...

"Hey rona you are pretty funny (looking!) have a great summer!" - Albert

HAHAHHA. okay, iono if i'm crazy, but that seriously CRACKED ME UP. hahaha, it's so albert...

kimlypv said...

let's never show anyone my writing from 7th grade.

it was my lame attempt to be cool back then. and now i just don't care...haha.