Friday, July 4, 2008

independence day.

happy fourth of july! "this should be the day you declare your independence" hahahahaha. maybe i shoulda thrown all the tea bags away this morning during breakfast. haha. well june is officially over :[ that means i have to actually start reading and doing all the work im supposed to be doing this summer..haha. starting monday! i swear! :D hmm this week was pretty fun. more eventful than my summers usually are. i dont remember monday. tuesday was a bad, feelinglikecrap day. wednesday, went to the aquarium!! and it was a really good day. i dont remember the last time i sincerely had that much fun (: thursday, yesterday, had its ups and downs. but it was fun still. i ran three miles to jchangs house to go swimmingg. the first mile is always the hardest. omgulay. i was dying the first mile. hahaha. havent run in forever.. anyway. so swimming at jchangs was a lot of funnn. ive been wanting to go swimming FOREVER. okay funny story. so i was leaving and saying goodbye to his mom, and him mom is like "oh ill take you home! dont walk!" and im like...ohcrap. i wasnt supposed to be there in the first place and i was so afraid my dad was at home. she cant drop me off at home! so when she went back inside to get her keys and stuff, i freaking SPRINTED off like mad. HAHAHAHA. it was hilarious. you have no idea how fast i freakin ran. i ran as fast as i could to the next light. and then i hid behind some trees. hopefully she would pass me, and not find me and just go back home. so after i waited there for awhile, i went out and started to walk. i only walked like two minutes when she pulls over on the way back to her house and she says, "there you are! get in! im not gonna let you walk home!" and im standing there like DAMMMN she caught me. HAHAHHAA. yeah well that was fun. hahah. good thing, my dad wasnt home yet, so it all turned out fine (: im just a paranoid freak. and so here i am today, with sunburned shoulders (from the run, not from the swimming) and a sore body. but it was all so totally worth it, i think (:

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athena. said...

your songs make me happy(: