Thursday, July 10, 2008

word power.

so for the past few days, ive been building my "word power." hahahaha. maaaann. a picture is hung, and a person is hanged. WTF?! the english language sometimes makes me want to seriously hurt someone. hahahaha. and my ap score for english language & composition did not help. hahaha its okaay though. i did okay i guess. anywaaay. so lately i have been having trouble falling asleep. and its not even because i have things on my mind, i just cant get comfortable for some reason. hahaha well. i think ive done more reading this whole week then the entire second semester. HAHA. okay so i totally over exaggerated that, but thats how it feels like! hahaha. you know, my tendency to vacillate drives me INSANE! like im sitting trying to decide whether i want to eat coffee flavored ice cream, or make a banana split with vanilla ice cream. by the time i decide, ive lost all desire to placate my hostility towards the summer heat, and it all ends up pretty useless! but thats okay, because the nostalgic tone of those quite a distance away makes me happy ;] (man oh man. im having too much fun with this right now, bear with me. haha!) although sometimes i tend to uncontrollably become taciturn, uncontrollablly (shh i fixed my split infinitive! buaha). yeah okay. sorryyyyy. so ANYWAY. 1984 is pretttyyyy awesome. like i love it. dont ask me why im keeping track of the alliterations. hahahaha.
--- senile silliness
--- locked loneliness
--- automatic action
--- primitive patriotism
--- monstrous machines
--- sickly scent
aaaaaaaaaaaand to beeeee continued!!!

dont ask me why im so hyper right now. i really have no idea. OH! im excited for mr o's luau! its gonna bombbdiggety! yeah okay. im gone for now. bahh byeee (:

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