Tuesday, July 22, 2008

love like this.

that's why you keep on runnin in and out of my mind. as the years they'll roll by, baby, now i know why i keep comin back to you. you're the only one that knows me, love it when you hold me, never find a love like this. now i'll never be lonely, look at what you've shown me, never find a love like this. well this life tried to keep us apart, you keep callin me back to your heart. im so glad you found me, wrap you all around me, never find a love like this. all the guys tried to take me, you're the one who saved me, i feel like i owe you my life. and as strange as it may seem, i'll go if you take me home, im willin to sacrifice.

better than the original (;

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athena. said...

i like jordan pruitt(:
and i'm addicted to her new song - one love. haha.

oh, disney singers...