Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what the..

as we stepped onto the cruise ship, he took my hand and said, "look..i just need a break, okay?" i gave my fiance this look of confusion, but he just looked away and my hand slowly dropped back to my side. he gave me a key, and put another one back in his pockets. i watched him walk away in silence, as lonely as my own luggage, which sat right by my feet. "excuse me, miss. you dont want to be hit, do you?" a man in a uniform asked me. 'actually, yes i do sir, please hit me' i thought to myself as i soon found my cheek to be moist. i stepped forward and watched the man in the white and blue uniform reel in the stairs, as the ship finally began to move away from the dock. i looked forward again, and searched for my loving fiance, but he was nowhere to be found. i grabbed my luggage and hauled it through the hallways in search of my room. after i had settled in and unpacked my wrinkly clothes in the lonely drawer, i went out by the pool, sunglasses hiding my teary eyes. 'and im supposed to enjoy myself here..? by myself..?' i heard a loud commotion by the pool bar. a tan waitress in a skimpy two piece and an apron was doing wine bottle tricks, with men surrounding her. to her left i spied a man who was playing with her red, wavy hair. a familiar face, with a familiar laugh... my fiance. i got up and left the pool and noticed that i was wet.. though i had not gone swimming. then i heard a voice..a lady's voice crying out for help. i looked to the window on my right and there she was: Lady L, the ship ghost. Her face was pale, her hair was a frizzy mess, and she had a baby in her arms, who only cried harder than she did. running off in the other direction, i ran back through the hallways. but her voice kept following me. i could hear it in the walls, and she kept appearing: every doorway, every window. i ran around the ship, bumping into doors and running into walls, trying to escape the hideous wails of Lady L and her poor baby. i cried harder and it became harder for me to breathe. but i couldnt lose her. everywhere i turned, there she was. with nowhere else to run, i ran to the top deck. still, the ocean wind seemed to carry her voice into my mind. i ran to the edge and point of the ship and closed my eyes, putting my hands to my ears. i stepped closer to the edge... when suddenly somebody's arms wrapped around my waist and whispered in my ear, "it's okay, i'm here for you.." when i opened my eyes i found myself at home in my bed, pillow moist from my tears, legs tired as if i had been running all night... and my own arms wrapped around my own waist.

i cant figure out what all of this means.

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