Thursday, August 28, 2008

blast to the past.

last night was hella fun(: like seriously, i dont remember the last time i was that CRAZY! and loud! hahahaha! (well actually i do...) so anjelica and i planned this minireunion dinner at olive garden, and to be honest we didnt expect that many people to be up for it. but it was chill. there were like, thirteen? fourteen? of us last night. a few flakes, but thats life. i hate flakes.. anyway. last night was so so much fun. it was so chill just talking about elementary days and like, what we've been up to all these years and stuff. and for me, it was just interesting to listen to stories of kids from "normal" high schools, nawwmeaan? my friend james was like, "rona, you need to LIVE! yall need to hangout with ME for like a week or something!" haha all i could do was laugh. another old friend just passed by to say watsup, and it made me sad. he's kinda.. messed up.. drinking and smoking when we saw him :[ well yah, but last night was so fun. and sometimes awkward.. hahaha. too bad i didnt take any pictures =/

seeing old friends reminded me of how i used to be(: i miss that. so much. i miss them a lot too. but i dont regret anything that has changed me to be the person that ive become. of course there's always room for improvement. you cant always just forget everything of the past.. cuz then you never really learn from your mistakes. if you just forgot everything, you wouldnt realize how you need to adapt or change. theres a difference though of forgetting and lingering. i do admit i linger in the past; it's one of those things that i need to improve of myself. but others need to realize, too, that you can still move on with life while remembering things.. just as long as you dont linger as long as i do. ill work on that.

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