Friday, August 8, 2008

O brave new world.. Let's start at once.

"actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the overcompensations for misery. and, of course, stability isnt nearly so spectacular as instability. and being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a fatal overthrow by passion or doubt. happiness is never grand." -p221

"one cant have something for nothing. happiness has got to be paid for." -p228

usually every time after i finish a book from school, i always post my favorite quotes from it and discuss a few things. these two quotes were the only ones i felt like were worth marking and folding pages for. generally, i didnt like this book as much as i did 1984 (which i realize, i never posted about... hmm). the first half of this book was just dreadful for me to go through. promiscuity all over the place just bugged the hell out of me. everyone belongs to everyone else?! what bull is that...i hate immorality. but i have to admit, i liked the last quarter of the book. i dont really feel like going into depth about my thoughts of what huxley and orwell tried to portray. maybe another day. i will say this though: i think they're right. hahahahahhaa.

watching the teen choice awards got me thinking about some celebrities. i hate miley cyrus. im sorry. yes, her songs are catchy as hell, but have you ever really listened to her freakin voice?! i cant stand it. i also cant stand really listening to the Jonas Brothers' voices. they're just as bad. but, im a girl and a little biased... i mean, nick jonas!! he's so buff for what...fifteen? yeah. whatever. anyway just goes to show how shallow america is. hahaha. i'll tell you who i really like. demi lavato and selena gomez. demi is just a lot of fun, and selena gomez is a goddess. truthfully, i like demi's voice better than miley, though its not a hella lot better. but hey, who am i to be a critic of these people, right? im just jealous cuz i dont get to be in movies(; hahahahha! now, vanessa hudgens. she's now on neutrogena commercials, trying to pick up her career after it got pierced with her scandalous photos. have you seen her music video for "sneaker night?" thats a horrible song, and a horrible video. vanessa hudgens and miley cyrus. i strongly dislike them both. BUT LISTEN! i hated them both BEFORE any scandal of them came out. but, i am a guilty high school musical fan, and yes im going to see it in theaters. i swear its not because of zac efron. i hate pretty boys! (except maybe..nick jonas..haha shh) but seriously, im just a sucker for musical movies. hmmm...i still love will smith. he will always be just an amazing actor. i think some of his movies underestimate his true potential of acting. shia labeouf. i think he has a lot of potential, but the movies he keeps getting put in, arent the greatest. except transformers! which is the ish. btw, they're filming the 2nd movie and i cant wait to see how that turns out. he got arrested for a DUI. hahahaha. truthfully, im not surprised. all celebrities get arrested for that. i mean seriously, get drunk all you want, but hire a freaking driver! geeez. well i cant think of anyone else to pick on right now. so i think im done(:

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