Tuesday, August 5, 2008

lets just be.

ever had that feeling where all of a sudden, everything was just....better? like things finally started making sense.. haha. iono. sometimes it just takes another person to tell you that you need to relax and have a little faith and some condonation. oh, aaand i dont want to look like my mom at the young age of seventeen. dont want extra lines on my face! (ahaha shhh dont tell her i said that!). no more inexorable (i use that word a lot, did you notice?! haha) situations. nike. just do it. verb. it's what you do. if God put me to it, he'll pull me through it. give and take. i dont know what other trites or general statements could fit perfectly into my state of mind right now, but yeah, there are a few. hahaa. let's just hope it's not so ephemeral. hahhaa. yay im getting better at this word choice thing.

give me the greenlight(:

hmmm. no wonder i was in such a down mood last week. eff pms. being a girl sucks! (sometimes)

im scared of change. so so afraid.

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