Sunday, October 5, 2008


hello world. sorry i havent updated in forever. and that sorry is more towards myself; no one else reads this anyway. haha. hmmm what has happened... not much of anything really. senior year is really chill so far, especially since i have hodges, and im in calc p. whenever i hear some bc kid complain, i thank God im in calc p. wooohoooo. same goes for the larson kids. buahahahahahahaha. so anyway, enough about schoool. last weekend i was in pleasanton, ca for a dance competition: WORLD OF DANCE! it was the best experience EVER. like seriously, one of the best three minutes and fifty seconds of my LIFE. i am so glad i was able to go, even if i didnt get to stay in the same hotel as the rest of the team :[ and im really depressed i cant do SIO or maxt out. but i guess ill get over it eventually :[ haha. anyway. WOD was the best(: i bought shirts, got free sunglasses, and placed third with the rest of my amazing dance team. weeeeeeeeeeeeee.

dance seems to be my only constant nowadays..

you know, i dont even remember this picture... HAHAHAHA(:

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PHiL0PHiLiAC said...

"sorry i havent updated in forever. and that sorry is more towards myself" .. story of my life "D

i like bc; it's fun. i'm glad you're happy, though.

pleasant town. HAHA.

you're lucky ... my only constant is worry \=