Tuesday, October 7, 2008

secret wish list.

here's a few things on my to-do list that id like to do with someone; anyone. but shhhhh. its a secret wish list.

- i want to run along the ocean shore with someone.
- i want someone to take me on a picnic. and just because. not for a special occasion. just because.
- i want to dance with someone in the rain. literally. haha.
- i want to stargaze with someone under the moonlight.
- i want someone to go parasailing with me.
- i want someone to convince me to go skydiving with them :O
- i want to drive along the entire coast of california with someone. pch all the way(:
- i want to plant something with someone and bury a note with it or smthing. maybe even a capsule! and then come back to it ten years later.
- i want to lay on someone's rooftop and sleep there for a night.
- i want to make a music video with someone. for fun(:
- i want to write a song with someone and then duet it with them.
- i want to share a banana split with somebody.
- i want to invent something with someone. and create only two that work. one for each of us(:
- i want to drive super fast on the highway with the windows all down at night and music blasting from the radio. daaaaaayumm.
- i want to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with someone. hahaha.
- i want a post-it note buddy that i can leave around happy notes in unexpected places with.
- i want to ride on someone's shoulders. [ october 11(: ]
- i want to clutch to someones waist on a motorcycle.
- i want to chug down ONE shake with someone: two straws!
- i want to bake a cake with someone. and then decorate it with them(:
- i want to watch a concert with someone.

wishful thinking. sigh.


PHiL0PHiLiAC said...

if it's a secret wish list, why did you publish it ? haha :]

i'd be happy to help you with one of these. a few of them are on my list (of 190 things i'd like to do in my lifetime, in no particular order), too.

kimlypv said...

me gusta este..

once volleyball is over, we'll go on a picnic. it's easier this year now that you don't have a 7th. it'll be grand. and we can share a banana split or bake a cake if you'd like..