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okay. i really have to post about this. so i was reading around on different forums and a lot of fil-ams are upset about this. theyre upset that the philippines always bites off other countries' movies/shows/songs/etc, pretty much anything that becomes a hit. it does bother me a little bit, but some people are so extreme, saying stuff like theyre gonna disown their country. like really? please just take some time to read my reasons before you go and disown your own freakin country.

reasons why i think they should continue with this project to create a filipino version of Twilight:

1. abs-cbn (filipino channel network) BOUGHT the PERMISSION to create a filipino version of Twilight for over one million dollars. if they bought the permission, obviously stephanie meyer's people AGREEED to letting the philippines do it, obviously with GOOD reason.

2. filipino soap operas/teleseryes are only second to korean dramas. abs-cbn has created AMAZING tv shows. sure some of their attempts at fantasy are kinda lame, but thats only due to the not-so-advanced special effects. but i mean really, if LOBO (with angel locsin and piolo pascual) was able to be a big hit, why not Twilight/Takipsilim?

3. speaking of Lobo.. Twilight is kinda similar to it, so i dont understand why youre all making a big fuss about it. in Lobo, angel locsin was a werewolf-type persona who fell in love with a human. vampires? werewolves? come on now, suck it up. Lobo was a huge success as a tv series. give Twilight a chance.

4. youre gonna say that Twilight is different from Lobo because Twilight came from a book series. yeah, i know. BUT really, ALL movies that came from books does not even COMPARE to the book. the Twilight movie? youre joking me if youre saying it was great, with the book in mind. the Twilight movie was missing so much stuff. and the entire first half of the movie was just ridiculously awkward and empty. you cant compare books to their movies; no matter what series, even harry potter. you always have to think of the books and the movies are separate things.

5. now that we're talking about the Twilight movie, that chic who played bella swan? totally unbelievable. throughout the whole movie, i didnt feel she loved edward at all. being OBSESSED with someone is different from being so in love with someone. reading the saga series, you can feel that bella swan loves edward cullen. in the movie, she was just this awkward and obsessive freak. her acting was horrible. now, to relate it back to Takipsilim, filipinos are THE BEST at acting when it comes to love. the twilight series is ALL ABOUT LOVE. who else better to actually make that come to life than Filipinos? Filipinos are the best lovers, acting and real-life. YOU canNOT deny that.

6. some filipino actors&actresses are better than hollywood stars. i just proved that with number five. of course i wont deny that there are some filipino stars who try way too hard, cuz i totally agreeeee with you.

7. making Twilight a daily television series has a better chance of having details by stephanie meyers. personally i thought the Twilight movie was missing a lot. jamming really good books into movies is a horrible idea that people try to achieve.

8. Takipsilim is supposed to be a filipino version, NOT AN EXACT REPLICA. changes? of course there's gonna be changes; of course it's gonna be different. cuz its ANOTHER VERSION. i repeat, ANOTHER VERSION. Takipsilim is NOT supposed to be another COPY of twilight. just treat Twilight and Takipsilim as two separate entities.

i hope you take what ive said into consideration and try to see both sides of the story before you disown your own country. it's not a bad thing that filipinos like to make their own version of things. they're just trying to add filipino flavor to the world.. why you hatin'? why you trippin? please just relax and have some more pride for your own country for goodness sakes.

thank you for reading. please spread the word.


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nevah ..
i still LOVE the ORIGINAL .

uuuggghh ..

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no to takipsilim!

Anonymous said...

come on now, don't be hatin'. give tapiksilim a chance, what have you got to lose?

I bet it's gonna be better than the original version.

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stop imitating twilight!

Anonymous said...

she is right.,
we should give them a chance,.
they won't exactly copy the movie they will have their own thing.,
Re :anonymous :if you don't want it then don't watch it., than saying bad things.,
they also have feelings.,

Anonymous said...

maawa naman kayo
kay mareng Stephenie..
pinaghirapan nia yan
tapos mapapanood lang
nia in a lame immitation
with poor picture and special
i'm sorry but i think this
whole takipsilim thing is LAME.

btw. i'm not kapuso or
anything but i think GMA shows
have better picture and effects
than ABS's...

Zarah said...

I couldn't agree more! The only thing that I'm worried bout though is if they try to add a lot of special effects, like Dyosa. I love filipino tv, don't get me wrong, but seriously, Dyosa looks horrible.

Other than that, I can't say much more than that I second your entire entry, I completely agree!

Anonymous said...

it may sound absurd and yes i am a filipino but being a true Filipino does not go to the extent of imitating Twilight or any other genre whether it be movie, soundtrack, song, etc. Why not talk about the folklore of the Philippines in which we are unique of -- like the Filipino True Ghost Stories or Manananggals or the Tikbalang or the Duwendes or the Encantos and Encantadas. Why not make a film about Banahaw or Mt Cristobal or one of the Alamats and make it a love story? You know we are creative enough to be on our own. We have done Encantandia or Marina or Dyesebel or Lobo and all of these are very FILIPINO in which i am proud of... how can the Philippines succeed if COLONIAL MENTALITY would always be in our veins? Look at Betty La Fea - they have English version and Filipino Version or more so how about The Grudge or The Ring? Aren't these Asian Films remade by the US? How come that we always have to imitate? We should make our movies and films OF QUALITY that would make global audience be awed. HINDI NA LANG TAYO PARATI ANG NAGPAPAALIPIN SA KULTURA NG IBA.