Sunday, December 28, 2008

random blog.

im really bored with nothing to do so im just gonna randomly blog right now. i had a strange dream last night. there was this guy chasing me...with a SNAKE! and he was trying to get the snake to bite my back.. and i was running away. then i got distracted by something.. and the guy got ahold of me, and then i felt the stinging pain of the snake in my back. then the guy just left me and i realized i wasnt dying.. turns out, the guy wasnt trying to kill me.. he was trying to change my pupils to being pure black. wtfreaaaaaak. strangest dream ever hahaa. hmmmm. i havent gone shopping for myself in a very long time. too bad i dont have money. well, i have some, but i kinda want to save it. but i still want to buy things. hahaha. so needy(: i still want greeeen pants. arghh. cant find them anywhereee. well im picky about the shade of it thats probably why. hahha. so basically im really enjoying my new laptop. and my dad got me a mouse for it just because. and im enjoying this wireless mouse thing too. hahahha. and having a webcam with audio is awesome too. hahaha. mann. it's 10:53. that means my internet is gonna die on me pretty soon. my parents set our modem to turn off the wireless internet at 11oclock... effmylife. hahaha. alrighteee. im out.

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