Sunday, January 4, 2009


why is there always a calm before the storm? why do things have to be pleasant before they become destructible? why does life have to be a tease? why cant we get the things we want? why is happiness so hard to find? why do i look for people who are never there? why cant i be good at something? why do i have to hide my pain with a smile? why do we play with fire, when we know we'll get burned? why would we rather go through hell than sleep alone at night? why cant you want me like i want you? why do i feel alone in a crowded room? why cant we be friends? why heal the pain, if it'll leave a scar? why cant you leave me alone? why do things always go wrong at one time? why do i practice being strong when i keep getting shattered? why do you have to do what you know hurts me? why cant you understand? why do i settle for less when i know i deserve more? why cant we just live in peace? why cant you just make me feel better? why wont you stop yelling at me? why cant i appreciate her more, when she's the only one who makes an effort? why cant i be somebody she deserves? why do you keep hurting me that way? why cant i just forget everyone who makes me cry? why cant i just dance forever? why do i have to cry? why do i have to feel? why do i live?

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