Thursday, January 1, 2009

bring on the new year.

there's something i started to try to work on during the last months of 2008: self control. i dont think i succeeded. in regards to emotions, i must have mistaken self control and my clandestine behavior of suppression. there was no control..just a thick barrier preventing the escape, temporarily.. until i exploded (several times, at that). i believe i shall make it one of my resolutions for this year, this self control. it's going to be very difficult for me. i would go into detail, but i would need my diary for that. however, for some unknown reason, today i feel ready for 2009. perhaps tomorrow i will feel different. or the next day. or next week. but i am taking this opportunity to blog with this positivity in the air; for knowing me, it will soon phase out. this is gonna be a big year. the year i graduate from high school. my debut. the year i become a legal adult. my cousin graduates college this year as well. my other cousin also will promote from jr high. it's gonna be quite a year, with my senior days now numbered. and i am ready. i think.

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