Monday, March 16, 2009

farfetched optimism.

i honestly didnt think being rejected from one of your top-preferred schools was as demoralizing as people said. until of course it happened to me. hahahahahahahaha. why am i laughing? luckily, i dont really have much of a choice of where to go. otherwise, i would be really depressed right now :] besides, theres always that miracle that MIGHT happen (me getting a uci acceptance letter). im not one to get my hopes up though. pleasant surprises are a hell of a lot better than depressing rejections.

csuf - accepted
csulb - accepted
sd state - rejected
ucmerced - accepted
ucriversice - accepted
ucsantabarbara - rejected..
uci - pending

looks like im destined to go to lb for now. haha.

tbh, i actually cant wait for june!

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