Saturday, March 14, 2009

the strangest dream.

my entire family went to some far off country. i was there for a college interview, i never found out which, but yeah. so we were in this forest-y type place and we were trying to find our hotel. then i met a worm.. and i fell in love with this worm. there was something about the worm that i knew was different, and strange. the next part i remember, i was running away from something, with the worm right by me running (or rather, wiggling?) away from whatever i was running from too. then something happened, i dont remember.. but the worm was hurt. and dying. and i was crying. and you know how like in the movies, when someone cries and the tears bring back to life the dying person/thing? well thats what happened. i cried and i cried and told the dying worm i loved it... THEN. the worm turned into a human, or rather, a man. i dont remember what happened after that, but the next thing i remember we were in a church (the man-worm and i) getting married. my entire family was there. before i walked down the aisle, there was a girl outside, i slapped her, told her i hated her, and the wedding march began to play. there was only one of my friends there in the church.. and i was surprised to see who was standing up there on the altar as our best man..

this was so strange.. often times i dream about whatevers been on my mind. but this dream was everything i never would have guessed i would dream about. OH. maybe thats it. maybe its the dream of all the things i try not to think too much about. strange..

ps. i can explain the worm thing.. all of this past week, mrs elamparo (formerly ms reitsch) had me make a powerpoint about worms and mollusks during TA. yeah.. gross stuff man...

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