Thursday, May 7, 2009


a decline viewed in disappointing contrast with a previous rise.

the rise: having a good day and a cluster & enrichment full of fun!
the disappointment: _____________________ .

time is running out fast.. and i have a feeling after high school, you wont want to be with me everyday like you do. well.. like you used to.. and yes, im feeling hella insecure because youre not giving me any reason to feel secure at all. and i hate that im trying and hoping to spend every moment that i can with you... but you dont want to. so what can i do? nothing.. except feel sad. and deeply afraid.

i would tell this to your face
but you would just look at me like im stupid again.
and my feelings would be wrong. again.
and its like you dont want to hear me anyway.
so whats the point..

i can keep trying to control myself
but it doesnt mean it hurts any less..

i love you. i just wanna be with you.
everything i do.. i do it for you

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