Sunday, May 31, 2009


people give really strange looks when youre at the mall shopping by yourself. it really annoyed me. like, why cant i freakin just shop in peace?! so basically, i want to get rid of half my closet, and buy a lot of dresses. and shoes. i wish i had a money tree. i really want a lot of dresses.

prom was bomb, though i liked last year's better. a lot better actually. for several reasons. the food at park prive wasnt so great. the tiny dance floor, despite the spacious venue, was outside. there are other reasons, but i would rather not get into them. so lets take a step back and look at what i DID like. the leaf thing. the photobooth (i didnt take advantage of it though. ugh.). and the DJ wasnt anything to complain about. and thats all i can really think of.. it's alright. it wasnt horrible or anything so yay. though i didnt get the kind of cheesecake i expected =/

im excited for june. so much is happening, it's insane. eighteen here i come!

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kimlypv said...

child, you were supposed to take me with yoooou! haha.