Sunday, June 7, 2009


(i just thought this was a cool picture haha) IM FINALLY EIGHTEEN! YAY! and what a FABULOUS 18th birthday it was! the choir show turned out to be pretty darn good, i must say! before the show started, the oh niners sang happy birthday for me in the lobby of cook auditorium. it was quite nice (: mrs hansberry bought me a slice of cake and had it delivered to our dressing room (: i got lots of balloons and bouquets of roses (: and loving grams from family members and alumni (: and it was all just so wonderful! choir really gave me a Happy birthday. and i cant believe its all over :[ the last high school choir show of my life. it makes me so emotional. but to be honest, i really didnt think i would cry. but i did. and i didnt start crying until mrs mcelderry walked up to take a mic and sing with hogan. and then after that hoshi and ms batinga joined along with them and i just LOST IT! i cried my heart out. this is the program that i love. and this is the end of it. oh God. how i would miss doing these shows, and being on stage with fellow choir members. i know for a fact it wont be my last time on a stage ;] but for my birthday night to be my last high school choir show.. MAN, that was too much to handle. but having all the choir teachers ive ever had sing for us was such a great way to end my oasingers career: with tears of happiness. i shall never forget it for as long as i live ♥

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RachelB said...

happy birthday girl!! (= live it up!