Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half -blood Prince.

Awesome movie! Possibly my favorite of the six movies thus far. It was HILARIOUS. I got scared at one point. And I definitely cried when Dumbledore died, just like when I read the book, so many years ago. I dont remember when Harry Potter movies were funny.. but the sixth one was HILARIOUS. I'm not sure if it was just because I was so excited for it.. and it was midnight [my first midnight showing experience] or what, but it was FANTASTIC! I was also reminded of how genius J.K. Rowling is. And also, I now want to read the 7th book all over again. It was my favorite book in the series. Although.. I still disapprove of Harry & Ginny as a couple. Oh well hahah. On a different note, I'm 789% excited for New Moon. I'm definitely going to the midnight showing of that too [;


Rachel said...

i re-watched the rest of the movies before and there are actually a lot of funny parts in them too! but yes, this movie takes the cake (=

kimlypv said...

i HAAATE ginny and harry together. rawr.