Monday, August 31, 2009

I stand up, to be above the rest of the crowd, as the audience begins to fill up the quad area outside of the theater. Looking around desperately for you, as some of my friends pass by saying, “hey, good job!” I nod and say thanks, but I’m still looking around.. I see some fellow SI dancers running into the arms of their lovers, roses in hand. After a few minutes, I call you and you tell me you had to leave 'cuz you had to take her home. “Oh, okay. Thanks for coming..” I hang up the phone. A girl from my class walks by me, says good job and introduces me to her boyfriend. I smile and say, “Thanks, you too!” She walks off, hand in hand with her love. My mom comes over and says, “Where is he?” I reply, “He had to leave..” With a look of disapproval she says, “He LEFT?” I change the subject and say, “Mom, I’m gonna go hang out with some friends I met today, I’ll just meet you at home.” I walk back to the dressing rooms and chat with people for awhile, exchanging names so we could find each other on facebook. After everyone started leaving to go hangout, I started walking towards the parking lot. And as if some outside force wanted to mock me, I stumble over a single rose on the street, and I get a text from him at that moment. I respond with, 'you couldn't see me for one second?' After deleting his text and subtly crushing the rose beneath my feet, I walk towards my car, ready to go home and just get into bed.

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