Thursday, August 6, 2009


Wow. Tonight's class felt good. I think I did well. Thank goodness.. I thought to myself. "Hm..Let's have, you.. you.. you two.. and you!" the choreographer says. The three boys and two girls get up and stand in a formation. The music starts playing, and the rest of the class sits in front to watch these five selected dancers perform the dance we learned in the last two hours. After the five selected dancers finish, the choreographer says, "Let's give these five a hand!" Everybody applauds and cheers. The choreographer then goes around again. "You.. you.. you..." He glances at me, for exactly three mississippis, then moves on. "You and you!" For those three seconds, my heartbeat was gaining speed. And then it significantly dropped as he moved on to pick two other dancers. After the second set of five people did their thing, we all cheered and applauded them. The choreographer says, "Now, let's have EVERYBODY! One last time! Good job tonight, everyone! Great class!" Everybody gets up and finds a spot on the floor. I find a spot in the third row. The music plays and we all do the dance a final time. After the last move, everybody cheers again and heads off to gather their things. I walk to the back corner to pick up my purse and my water bottle. "Hey." Someone taps me on the shoulder. I spin around, surprised. A guy who sat and watched the entire class tonight asks me, "Do you dance on a team?" I reply, "Uh..well..I used to. Last year I did." He stares at me and says, "You're good." Awkward silence. I was about to say thanks but then he continues, "But if you want to get noticed, you have to dance in the front. You're good, but don't be shy." A little shocked, I realized I needed to respond. "Yeah.. thanks a lot." He gives a small nod and walks away.


ms. tara said...

awww!!! he's your angel!! this story made me smile. keep dancing rona, it's amazing.

ykw said...

calling it what it is.