Tuesday, August 4, 2009


There's something about the touch of someone you love, that's so powerful beyond words.

when they take your hand in the presence of others, unashamed to be with you..
when they attack you with a hug as you walk through their door like they've missed you..
when they grab you to lead you somewhere as you giggle, 'where are you taking me?'..
when they pull you into your arms as you cry, to offer protection and security..
when they gently caress your skin, leaving your hairs on end..
when they softly touch your boo-boo and ask, 'does that feel better?'..
when they slowly run their fingers through your long hair..
when they playfully pull at your tiny ears..
when they pull you over to watch TV & youre just laying there, a perfect fit for each other
when they hold you for hours after a long winded fight..
when they longingly take your hands and say they're sorry..
when they embrace you goodbye, passionately, as if each hug were your last..

Humans were meant to touch one another. It's beautiful, and a lot less sexual than people make it all to be these days. By definition, "to feel" is either to have emotion, or to physically touch something. And I think they're directly related. Touch is the closest form of expression. Words can only do so much. Words form boundaries on the page. Emotions aren't meant to be trapped by boundaries. I can't finish any of those sentences and say "when THIS happens, then THIS is how i feel." The best part is, I don't have to.

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