Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let Go

Lately it’s been easier for me to say to myself, “Just let it go, Rona.” I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing. Good thing for the present, but it may be bad for the long run.. We’ll see I guess. For now, i’m loving the life I live, and it’s not even what I wanted if you asked me two weeks ago. I'm getting to know people more, and I'm super uber duper excited to finally start getting involved with Pilipino-American Coalition [will be referred to as PAC in the future] and ASI [like ASB]. First PAC general meeting is Friday [: Today Kassandra and I were walking around looking at the different organizations' booths, and this Filipino guy comes up to us and asks if we've been to the PAC booth. Both of us freaked cuz that's actually what we were hunting for hahah. But I'm really excited for it. Everyone by the booth was fun and they seemed really nice! There's a party this weekend or something, too, and I may go! Hopefully I'm not working.. Hmmm, one thing though, I'm hella nervous for PAC Modern auditions next week O_o But all in all, I can still say my college-hype has not faded yet, and it is only going to get better [: Finally moving on and becoming independent. You may say I'm growing up too fast, but I cant sit around and wait for you to grow up. Just being honest. Oh, and btw, you really don't know what you're missing.

Sorry if my posts are sounding redundant. Hahaha. And just for the record, today was another day well spent at school. and OMGPOP really rocks as a time killer!

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