Monday, November 30, 2009


I can't seem to keep up with myself :( As in, keep this blog updated with my life hahah. I'm so busy all the time, it's insane. And I think it's only bound to get worse (or better?), errr busier!

Just some quick updates:
- I'm done with all my Christmas shopping! SUHHHWEEET!
- PAC Camp is this week! Jeff and I are teaching the closer that we both choreographed (:
- Thanksgiving holiday weekend was a blast! Friday I worked 5am-1pm and it was hella busy for once! Quite refreshing, and exciting hahaha. AND We made goal for the holiday weekend! Which means: each of us [employees] get $100! I think Corporate is gonna be cheap though and give us $100 gift cards to our own store..hahaha. Oh well, better than nothing!
- Saturday I went to Disneyland with Shane! And it was amazinggg! check out my tumblr:
- Sunday was somewhat normal. church at 11:30, work 1:30-9pm. It was fun trying to push people to buy stuff [so we could make goal haha].
- Today [monday] I slept in :( missed political science again.. i really need to stop doing that. Next semester, I hope I can get my schedule to be so that my earliest class is like 10am. Ugh. But I shall study for math to make up for missing class today. Test tonight :(
- So I already mentioned that PAC camp is this week, which means that this upcoming weekend is RETREAT and Christmasfest! I honestly don't even know what to say about retreat.. I guess I shall just see how it goes. I'm excited for Christmasfest!

So that's a quick update. I don't think I missed anything huge. If I remember anything, I'll just post again. Anyway, I'll try to keep up better haha. Until next time ♥

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