Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today my cousin had her engagement party. She plans to get married sometime in May of 2011; kinda far off, but still the whole family is excited and happy! I'M excited! I get to be a bridesmaid :D! hahahah. It's been tough for them lately because Alvin is living in Connecticut to work for ESPN. But good news is that he just got promoted! So he might be moving back to LA real soon [: Alvin and my Ate Jenmay are so perfect for each other. And you can tell they're so happy together. While we were cleaning up the venue after the engagement party, he grabbed her and started slow dancing to the song that was playing! The fams went AWWW! It was so cute! But anyway, all this wedding talk makes me wanna have a wedding! Hahaha! I just had a debut, so no! I'll stick to watching wedding movies for now [:

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