Thursday, December 31, 2009



Be careful in being too caught up in what you think you ‘deserve’ in a significant other because you could be staring at each other the entire time, thinking that they’re not enough for you… when really, it could turn out to be the person of your dreams or someone you can grow to deeply love.
Expectations are important, but when you do find that someone, you’ll find that he or she will fall short of some, then many more of your little expectations. The key to making it last is letting yourself go and trusting that he or she alone, for WHO THEY ARE, is always more than enough. It’s a humbling experience, because you can’t live up to all of their expectations either.
I’m not saying to just settle with whoever comes into your life next; trust, I think many men and women in this world should fall in love with someone who is good to them, who share a connection, and develop a deep care for each other… for me, it’s someone who loves God just as much as I do. But just keep your eyes, mind, and heart open and be ready for your little ‘requirements’ to be broken down quick.
In the time that we try and imagine up the ‘perfect guy’ or the ‘ideal’ relationship or get caught up in the daze that someone is ‘out there, just waiting for me’… we could be missing out on something great.
I’m thankful I didn’t.

----> Ditto for me. You were spot on, Harmony. It’s funny because I was just having this conversation with someone last night. And the day before yesterday I just watched The Ugly Truth. The thing is, no one is ever going to find their “walking checklist.” It’s only natural to prefer certain qualities over others, but using a “carefully calculated set of venal choices” [as they said in The Ugly Truth haha] when choosing a partner is really just absurd. Because no one is perfect enough to live up to everyone’s expectations. The greatest thing about love is learning how to accept people as they are, flaws and all. It’s learning about YOURSELF, and realizing that those things on your checklist really aren’t all that important. Because you are completely capable of being happy without them being checked off [: That’s the beauty of love.

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