Monday, December 14, 2009


Things I HATE about working retail:
1. hella long holiday hours.. we close at 10pm on a Sunday.. a freakin Sunday!
2. people who leave clothes all over the freakin floor in their dressing room.. at least hang it back on the hanger if you're not gonna bring it out!
3. when people don't greet you back. ever since i started working retail, never again will i ever ignore a salesperson who says "hello, how are you?" when i walk into a store.
4. mothers who bring like twenty little kids and can't keep an eye on them..ARGH! [okay, maybe not twenty, but you get the idea!]
5. people who leave a shoe they tried on just on the floor, or on the couch. okay, OBVIOUSLY it doesn't belong there.. at least put it on the shelf if you're not gonna put it back right where it came from!
6. when the owners of the store come in to check on the store at a hella random time!! :O one of those "crap, im gonna get fired!" moments..
7. when people drop a shirt or skirt or something on the floor, or it falls off a hanger cuz they touched it, and they just leave it there..even when IM STANDING THERE EYEING THEM.
8. only a 30-minute break for any shift thats 5 hours or more.
9. people who make me pull out twenty pairs of shoes and end up buying NONE of them.
10. when managers are sitting on their ass most of the time, just telling the rest of us what to do. if i'm ever a manager of anything, I'll make sure to manage more than just the employees. catch my drift?

Things I LOVE about working retail:
1. it's fun talking to nice/interesting people who come in
2. picking out outfits to change the mannequins
3. seeing the store all clean and organized
4. fun co-workers [:
5. when people BUY a lot of things
6. when people ask for your opinion about an outfit, or if you have any recommendations for an engagement party, lets say. it's like playing dress-up all day!
7. crazy customers make for good stories.. hahaha.
9. nice/chill managers who let me give my employee discounts to like my aunts and cousins
10.the look on a girl's face when she finds THE perfect pair of shoes! ♥

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