Friday, December 25, 2009

something good this time.

poor blog. hearing about all the crap in my life. it's quite jealous of my tumblr. hahahhahaaha. well, here's something good this time, old friend [:

I love spending Christmas at my cousin's house every year. And even though we had an aunt who tried to get attention by ridiculously being a party pooper killjoy [as usual], it didn't get to the rest of us! Mr. Connecticut was a pleasure to be around; we miss him dearly. Derek seems to be adjusting better; he doesn't isolate himself as much anymore. I guess it helps that we're all trying to reconnect with him. Ever since his parents' divorce it's been difficult to reach out to him. I knew he just needed time though [: Christmas Eve was a blast! All the girls in the family walking around the house showing off our Cutesygirl boots :D The night was perfect in so many ways, and not perfect in one. But let's not focus on the bad stuff. It's Christmas! [:
So I pretty much got everything I wanted this year. And I MIGHT have a new phone tomorrow :O! I might as well splurge.. I think I deserve it. Then again, this just might be my crave for retail therapy for my "stress." Hahaha.. we shall see! The only [other] thing I really want right now is a new black purse. Hmmm.

not pictured: starbucks gift card, chevron gas card, some extra cash, nice black jacket from gerard, cute pj shorts from gabs, black laptop bag I asked my mom to buy when we were at target then asked her to wrap [hahahah], and a greenish-blue v-neck long sleeve from chadell. oh, and the blanket & green sweats I got from katrina, and another blanket I got from my pimp rich. i think i got it all. thanks to everyone (:

much love on Christmas day, rona ♥

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