Friday, January 1, 2010

2O1O is HERE.

It's really hard to believe 2009 is over. Like really. A year goes by so fast.. 2009 was a year I'll definitely remember. May have been one of my most memorable ones, actually. I was gonna do this the way A-Cuh did it and go by months, but there's a lot of things that went on this past year, that if I posted one picture from everything I felt was really important, this post would be EXTREMELY long. I also have to agree with Kimly. She said on HER post that this is one New Years where she doesn't have so many regrets or anything, and I feel the same way. I really feel like 2009 was a great year; a year I'll remember forever. Of course, it had its downs, but I can also say that I've had some of the best times of my life in the past 365 days. Considering the first half of the year was spent being a second semester senior.. everything was chill! Lots of memories were made with senior activities, and winterformal/prom, graduation, grad night, etc etc. the list goes on forever about senior year. I can honestly say I had fun, and it would most likely be one of my favorites years at Oxford. [FINALLY getting a performer of the night for a choir show?! i mean, come on! haha :P] After graduating from Oxford and stuff was SummerO9 and MY DEBUT! Which definitely was a success for me ♥ I had an amazing time with amazing people whom I love dearly. A day I'll never forget! In the summer I did TM's Summer Intensive and that was for sure memorable, as well! SummerO9 was definitely a roller coaster. My aunt and uncle divorced..that shook the family greatly. On the other hand, my cousin got engaged! That was good. I had a lot of time over the summer to think things out..and I remember having some difficulty about who I was [and who I was becoming/who I wanted to be] and who I needed to keep and who I needed to let go in my life. During the summer I thought a lot about the future; I mean, couldnt really blame me, I was hella scared and nervous and excited for college and for the years ahead of me. During the summer/towards the end of it, I had troubles at home about gaining independence and whatnot, but alas it all passed too. Thankfully. The beginning of my first semester in college was AMAZING, to say the least. Though it was painful in two ways, it was so much fun in many! Looking back and reading through old posts from the past year, I think I've grown the most in the year 2009. In January 2009, my new years resolution was to work on my self-control. I think I accomplished it in some way. I've learned to control my emotions and make feeling them a little separate from my actions. I'll always feel how I feel, but I learned how to think first before I act. Bad experiences from O9 have definitely taught me how to think first before I do something stupid. Some of my relationships have grown stronger, and others have diminished, but it's okay. Not everything is meant to last forever. I think by the end of 2009, I've learned to have a more positive outlook in life. Being optimistic is really good for you. And although it kinda shows that I post a lot less, and my writing doesn't seem as strong as it used to, it's okay. It's a price to pay for happiness and I really don't mind [: 2O1O is gonna be another good year! Lots of things up&coming and I MUST think positively right now, or I'll freak out and be stressed hahah. My new years resolution for this year is to maintain an optimistic view on everything I do. This is gonna be a tough one, but hey, that's why it's a new years resolution! Happy New Years everyone [:

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