Tuesday, February 17, 2009

just a little pissed off.

wow. the past days have just really sucked. sometimes it makes me wonder why i even try in choir. if choir wasnt a passion of mine taht grew on me over the years, i would hav eseriously dropped it by now. if i hadnt grown to love performing and actually just the program itself, i would have seirously quit by now. for the past five months, sept to jan, i ahve tolerated that man and what the choir program has become. for the past five months, i shook my head at everyone else who trash takled him and all the changes in the program. for the past five months, i kept telling myself and a few others who would listen, to give the man and the program a break. i mean, he was new, and he didnt know us or our program at all. for five months i kept telling people to just suck it up and adapt to the changes. i did this for five months. and today, all mypatience has run out. today, i trash talked in the same way that every else has been for the past five months. today i called him a dick. our program has been walked out on and deserted (by you know who). he just left us hanging and many of us felt betrayed. but we managed to pick ourselves up when mcelderry and batinga took over; beacuse we gave them a chance. since the beginning of this year, nobody gave him a chance (not that i think he deserves it anymore, after walking out on SC today). eveyrbody just gave up on the program since the beginning of this year. today i have also decided that its not only His fault, but yours. yes, you. you people who dont give a damn about the program and think you desreve to be in the advanced classes. you people who dont give a damn about choir, who just auditioned for the upper classes to prove something to yourself (or others). the auditions were lame by the way and all you past OAsingers got in easy. hows that for you damn selfish pride? you people who are just adding to the ocuntless misfortuntes and ruining the year for us who ARE sincerely passionate and dediacted to the choir program. hell, im not ashamed to say i desrve to be in sc. and its not because i think im talented. and i DEFINITELY dont think i sing well. it's because im dedicated and im willing to put in effort and time to make the program successful. but a handful of individuals cant do it for two advanced classes of forty kids each. if you dont want the high level of dedication or responsibilty, hell thats what musical is for. but even you MP kids, in past years, MP always still made sure they didnt make a fool out of themselves by rehearsal week. people just dont care anymore, and its not just your class; its heavily dominant in SC too and THATS whats pissing me off. nobody wants to take the damn iniative since 'HE' cant help us now. yes hes a dick with an attitude, but all people do these days is freakin complain about him. how but making an effort in class? dont do it for him, he doesnt deserve it. do it because the program deserves it. do it because people like me who are so dedicated deserve some reciprocation. do it because the program that used to make you look hella good deserves some respect.

im beginning to think im fighting for a lost cause. and im just a little pissed off.

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