Tuesday, June 23, 2009


on being second. You have the honor of always being the second person to be called. When a warning goes out, you're the second person to be called. When an SOS goes out, you're still second. And people depend on you when they have troubles and need advice, or just need some comforting. But that's all. You're not the one they call for fun. You're everybody's second best friend. And for some reason, you tell yourself that you're okay with that.. because at least you help other people in the process. But even the people you make sacrifices for put you second. And when you do your best to do everything for someone, even if it means doing something you don't really like, you still end up second. The harder you try to push for first place, second place begins to feel like it's slipping from your grasp. Because of this, you try to make everyone else around you happier, forcing you to act like your own needs and wants don't exist. Because all the Firsts matter more. Congratulations, because always being second must be lonely sometimes. Congratulations, because despite this, you still decide to hold on to second place. Congratulations because.. you guess it's better than being last.


Erin said...


I love you. <3
Just, always know that.
I'll always be here if you want to go do something to get away from it all, hun. <3

RachelB said...

you expressed exactly what i've been feeling :\