Monday, July 27, 2009

Final Version.

boy i couldnt stop dreamin about ya
i kept on fantasizin about ya
and my heart kept beating around ya
faster and faster
like a bullet train speedin away
i woulda traveled to ya every day
nothing ever got in the way
of how i felt

when you held me, when you kissed me
it just felt oh so right
how i felt when you were on me
i thought i'd stay all night
thought that we'd forever be
winnin every lovers' fight
thought nothing would tear us apart
you were always in my heart

if someone else comes knockin at my door
sayin that he's willin to give me more
i cant promise to stay, oh
since youre tellin me you dont know
what our futures about
i need a confident heart
someone who has no doubt
about our love.
youre gonna regret not holding me
and making me part of your world

and even when we had bad days
somethin always brought me back to you
even the mistakes you made
erased with your smile
i loved your style
the way you walked it
and talked it
even made the tears worth the while

when your arms were round my body
it just felt oh so right
slow dancin front of your tv
i thought id stay all night
even though we, always seem
survivin every lovers fight
thought nothing would tear us apart
but now your breakin my heart


back then when i was completely yours
made me oh so weak, crawlin on all fours
the way you looked at me
with that sunny white smile
but after awhile
you distanced yourself
got me callin for help
got me cryin in my sleep
with a pain so deep
so where am i now?
could you tell me how?
im feelin alone, babe, right now

chorus 2x

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